The Woodlands

The Woodlands

Monday, April 26, 2010

List of my favorite restaurants in the Woodlands

I've been living in the Woodlands, Tx for almost 3 years now. I really like it up here. It's close enough to Houston if you need to be for work or for culture but far enough away not to feel like you live in cement. The Woodlands is a gorgeous town with plenty of things to do. It has a quaint little square of conjoined restaurants, shops and even a movie theater. Sometimes going to the old pizza place down the street can get a little dull so I put together a list of my favorite restaurants in the woodlands.

1. Amerigos No doubt about it, this is the best. The foot is delicious and the atmosphere is very comfortable yet elegant. Great place to go for fine dinning and special occasions.

2. Uni Sushi Right off of Market square, and next to the movie theater it's a great place to go and have a few saki bombers while you wait for your movie to start.

3. Rico's Mexican Ok ok the website is a little hokey but the food is great I promise! :) Try their fried ice cream, yum!

4. Cafe Express Here's a place where you can still indulge a little without all the guilt as everything is pretty healthy. Reviewer's choice : Sweet potato fries. (2 orders!)

5. Flemings Steakhouse If you're going to do it up you might as well do it right. Get drinks, appetizers...the whole works! I would suggest some good red wine, (ask the server what some of his/her favorites) The prime rib is my favorite but I enjoyed the NY strip as well, (the less cooked the better!) don't walk out of there without trying their Creme brulee!

6. Brothers Pizza Sometimes you just have a craving for pizza but don't want to order the same old delivery. So where do you go? Brothers. Why? Well it's delicious. It actually tastes like NY pizza which is really hard to do in Texas, sometimes. The service is friendly and fun and the prices are reasonable.

7. The Egg and I Do you like discovering great little breakfast places? Well this one is for you. It's cozy, the food is delicious and OOOH the coffee! It's always fresh and hot. The perfect compliment to a lazy Sunday morning.

8. Black Walnut Cafe This is a great place if you want something different. It has unique and tasty items on the menu such as the pasta mango salad. (oh dear, having cravings for it now while I'm writing). You can choose to be as unusual in your choices as you'd like but for those funky fear of the unknown eaters, there's always that mouthwatering cheeseburger.